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PRE-SEASON 2019 Nantucket Yacht Club Championship Series “Tune-Up” Clinic

Dear Sailors, As some of you know we have been kicking around the idea of doing something “different” in place of the usual “Mid-Winter Fleet Meeting.”  I solicited feedback this fall regarding this concept (many thanks to those who gave me feedback!!)  The key objectives of a “different” program centered on delivering the terrific instructional programming in a way that would:

1. Put new learnings to use almost immediately on the race course. 
2. Expand the programming to more/new/different participants. 
3. Be a cost savings for both participants and our clubs.  

The most frustrating part of our Mid-Winter Fleet meeting is NOT sailing after the presentation.  I organized sailing in Boston one year, which was fun, but sparsely attended.  The thought of this now (as a Florida “frost-biter”) seems crazy.  So – how could we “learn” and then sail without travelling to St Thomas? The other challenge of the meeting is conflicting winter schedules and the high cost which limits attendance, especially for younger sailors.  A favorite part of the mid-winter fleet meeting (based on feedback) is socializing in the off-season.  Well, I agree, this is fun – but expensive.

The PRE-SEASON 2019 Nantucket Yacht Club Championship Series “Tune-Up” Clinic is designed to hit all three of the objectives listed above.  The clinic led by Bill Gladstone of North U is a tremendous opportunity to shake-off the rust of winter and prep for summer racing on Nantucket.  

While not in March, socializing is scheduled during the Tuesday night all-fleet cocktail party at the Nantucket Yacht Club!  We are sailors and we like to tell war stories from the water!

Skip Willauer
Race Committee Chairman 

Monday, July 1: Alerion Fleet
Tuesday, July 2: Rhodes 19 and Indian
Tuesday, July 2: 6-7:30 Cocktails for all classes
Wednesday, July 3: Marshalls and H12.5s


ATTENTION RACERS: For the summer of 2019 we are bringing-back an old tradition:  Pre-season tune-up races.    However, we are making an improvement by organizing the races as a racing clinic with fleet-specific instruction both on-and-off the water with video. It would be foolish not to participate!   The Clinics are FREE if you register by June 1, 2019 (Look for registration in Spring 2019). Get your crew set, register when prompted and get ready to tune-up for a great summer of sailboat racing! For those without their own boats, Nantucket Yacht Club members may charter for free one of our Rhodes 19s.  Register early as the number of boats is limited.