One Design Series

The series will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing.  NYC Policies and Protocols, and local Nantucket fleet rules, will apply.  

The series is open to all boats of the following classes: Alerions, Indians, Rhodes 19, Marshall Cat 18, Marshall Cat 15 and the 12 1/2 Class. Other classes may be invited. 

All skippers must be a member of the Nantucket Yacht Club, officially approved by the Nantucket Yacht Club as a seasonal Racing Guest.

All boats must be registered with the NYC using the Boat Registration Form.

All skippers should be members of US SAILING.

Notice of Race 2019
Sailing Instructions
Racing Guest Information
Boat/Crew Finder
NYC Policies and Protocols
One Design Fleet Rules - last updated 9/1/2018
Protest Committee Schedule and Sign-Up - Access Code is 'NYC' - All skippers should serve at least one day!

Competitors meeting each race day at 11:00 am in the NYC Ballroom


4th of July Series, July 6 - 12:30 pm
July 13 - 12:30 pm
July 20 - 12:30 pm
July 27 - 12:30 pm

July Awards July 27 - 4:30 pm


August 3 - 12:30 pm
August 10  - 12:30 pm
August 17 - 12:30 pm
August 24- 12:30 pm

August Awards
August 24 - 4:30 pm

Labor Day Series, August 31 - 12:30 pm