Adult Programs

The Nantucket Yacht Club Sailing Department offers our members several great options for Adult Sailing Instruction.  Please click on the class name to register.

Women's Racing Program (for Novice and Advanced Sailors)

Tuesdays from 1:00-4:00 PM and 
Thursdays from 3:00-7:00 PM

COST:  $130/week or $80/session

Participants must register for at least 4 classes within a 30 day period, but we encourage women to sign up for as many weeks as possible.   

In general, Tuesday is a structured practice where we will focus on a set of skills to improve overall sailing and racing.  Thursdays will include a short practice session and warm-up, and then coached racing in GHYC's Thursday Night Jobson Series.  We would love to see our advanced women participate in these clinics.  Advanced teams may practice without a coach in the boat, focusing on teamwork and execution, while our novice and developing women will have coaches sailing in the boats with them.  It is important to clarify that these practices are open to women with any level of racing experience, including genuine novices who have very little time in a sailboat.  We will divide the groups by ability, and our experienced instructors will be able to bring newer sailors up to speed while challenging and training our more advanced women.  

Adult Sailing Mixers (for Novice and Advanced Sailors)

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 AM - 12 Noon

COST:  $75/mixer or $250/4 mixers (in a 30 day period)

This is an opportunity to develop your sailboat racing skills in a fun and relaxed setting.  The goal is to make our racing concepts more approachable and build competence and familiarity with sailing and racing in general.  Sailors of all experience levels are welcome, from Novice through Expert, and we will focus each week on drills that help people improve specific aspects of their sailing – from fundamentals for speed through starting and racing strategy and tactics. Mostly, this is about the opportunity to practice and gain time in the boat in a less formal scenario than weekend racing.  Coaches will be in many of the boats and coaching will be provided from the HBIs.  We will be using the training styles and racing simulation drills from our women’s program that have been so successful – and so much fun! 

This is an encouraging environment, and this format allows us to try new things and experiment while learning the different pieces of sailing that come together to make a race successful. All instruction will be in Rhodes 19s – but we encourage sailors of all fleets to participate.  For this program to be successful, we need critical mass in one type of boat, and our club fleet of Rhodes provides the perfect platform.  Even if you race another boat, the drills and benefits you will gain from these practices will translate to your sailing!

Women's Recreational Sailing Clinic

Tuesdays from 5:00-7:00 PM

COST: $75/session

Our Tuesday Night Women’s Clinic is an introductory sailing experience for our female members, designed to teach basic proficiency in sailing.  Each class will have a theme designed around competent seamanship, including getting on and off a mooring, safe dock landings, how to reef a sail, upwind sailing and basic points of sail, and even capsize recovery!  These themes will repeat throughout the summer.  This is a wonderful way to get on the water and get an introduction to basic skills.  Participants must sign up by noon on Monday to participate in Tuesday evening clinics.

Private Instruction Options

The Sailing Department offers private lessons for sailors of all ages and abilities, from late June until late August.  They are generally offered on weekdays after 5:15 PM, and weekends between 11:30 AM - 4 PM, by reservation only.  For more information on reserving a private lesson, and for pricing, please contact the Sailing Department.


Billing and Cancellation Policy
Members will be billed for their classes upon registration.  Cancellations  for all programs must be received 24 hours before the scheduled session in order to receive a refund.

Adult Sailing Guest Policy
Guest registrations will be accepted, on a space available basis, beginning on June 15.

The Member-Sponsor must contact the Sailing Office to register a guest in the program. The sponsor and the guest must be enrolled in the same program on the same dates, although are not required to be in the same boat.

For the Women's Racing Program, both members and guests must be enrolled for a minimum of 4 classes in a 30 day period.

Member sponsors will be charged the lesson fees incurred by their guests, plus the $18 daily guest fee, and will also be responsible for any other charges by their guests. Member sponsors are held accountable for the conduct of their guests.

All guest applications for enrollment in the Women’s Sailing Instructional classes shall be approved by both the Race Committee Chair and the Membership Committee.